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A Dire Need for the DREAM Act

The need for the DREAM Act to open more doors for undocumented youth reached a new level. 18-year-old Joaquin Luna, an aspiring Engineer, committed suicide in Texas because, as an undocumented citizen, he felt he was trapped in a society which did not want him to advance and be happy. Returning to his country of origin was a problem as he has lived in the United States. Obtaining a job is a problem because he does not have legal residency. Going to college wasn’t an option because of the lack of scholarship money and the applications. Out of resources, this youth took his life. This illustrates that people are literally dying over the American dream. Most Americans would think that fighting for your rights is over because we prosper in a country with a fair (for the most part…) government which protects our rights (most of the time). The fight for the American dream isn’t over yet. In fact, there are people fighting and dying still within our borders. It is the nationality of those people which has blinded Americans in believe that their strife is different from American citizens’. Rest in Peace Joauin.


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A Push for the Pro

There has been a recent news story about an 18 year old high schooler in Mission, Texas who killed himself because of his status as an illegal alien. He reportedly ended his life because of his overwhelming fear that he would not be able to go to college (because he has no social security number and cannot, therefore, apply for loans) and never be able to support his family because of it. He wanted to be an engineer and he worked hard throughout his years in high school only to make it to his senior year and realize that this is where his dreams ended. Any hope he had was dashed when the Dream Act failed in Texas by 5 votes (1).

Don’t get me wrong, I am on the con side. I see the problems with the law. The supporters may not call the Dream Act amnesty, but it sure looks that way to everyone else. And there are American born children who need that money more than they do…but at the end of the day, we are all human. The same blood flows through all of us and when people, children especially, begin to feel so discouraged that they kill themselves, that they see no other way out than to take their own life, we should start thinking about humanity in general, and less about nationality.

America is the land of dreams, a lot of people have seen their every hope and desire come true here. A lot of those same people took advantage of the system and exploited the country as best they could. We give these opportunities to greedy (narcissistic) people like this, so why not extend a helping hand to people who truly deserve it, and would use it well?

(1): http://www.valleycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=691560#.TtRnYGNFu7s

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