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The Dream Act Repealed

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As we talked about previously, the Dream Act was passed here in California not too long ago. Since then, angry citizens have been putting together a petition to put the overturning of the law on the ballot in the upcoming 2012 elections. There are many supporters of this law being overturned: the petition only recently came out but there are almost 10,000 volunteers enthusiastic about it already. The petition has until January 6 to get 700,000 signatures so that it can go onto the ballot. This shouldn’t however be too much of a problem since there many angry parents and students who think that it is unfair for undocumented students to qualify for financial aid, while they, for whatever reason, do not.

The petition would put the law on the ballot and also halt its implementation until we vote on it in the elections.



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California Dream Act

This past weekend Governor Brown signed the Dream Act into law. The law has two parts, the first of which passed in July and allowed the undocumented students to receive private scholarships, and the second of which passed this Saturday, allowing them to receive state financial aid for public schools (1). The Dream Act in California is different from the federal version in that it doesn’t have a program set up to eventually grant citizenship to the student. It’s basically the same law without the amnesty. The benefits of this law passing have already been stated: everyone deserves a fair chance, it wasn’t their fault their parents came into the country illegally, and they should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. But in a state that has so many issues with its public schools, from the budget to the oversized classes, one should wonder if passing this law was the right choice. Classes, with legal citizens alone, already fill up so quickly that its now becoming common practice for students to spend five or six years getting their four year degree. An extra 2,500 students (the number of undocumented students thought to be helped by this Act) is going to strain an already failing system. And this goes for the budget as well. Tuition is being raised and programs are being cut. We can’t afford maintaining the schools as they are now, how can we possibly do it with all these extra students? Before we start to include hard working illegal students in our public schools, before we start trying to be “fair” to them, we need to be fair to our hardworking American students, whose tuition is being raised, who have to spend an unnecessary amount of extra time in school because the class they need to graduate is too full. While it is true that the students affected by the Dream Act would only receive $14.5 million out of a $1.4 billion budget (2), that’s money that could help a student out there struggling currently. Colleges are there to help us reach the American Dream. Let’s give Americans a chance to reach it before we give their opportunities away to citizens of a different country.

1 http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/227644/20111008/california-dream-act-passed-for-illegal-immigrant-students-college-governor-jerry-brown-cal-grants.htm
2 http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/10/09/california-passes-dream-act-allowing-aid-for-undocumented-students/

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